Labor Day

In the US, Labor Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday of September, honouring the accomplishments of the labour movement . The eight-hour day movement, which promoted a schedule of eight hours for work, eight hours for leisure, and eight hours for relaxation, is where the idea of Labor Day first emerged in the labour union movement. Whether you want to kick back and relax or Party the day away, here at Rapport we can give you accessory selections to match any style. However you decide to spend the weekend, make sure you harness the last moments of summer, showcasing an all white outfit of course!
Zenith Watches
(Image Credit Zenith Watches)

Whilst wearing all white, we thought it would be the perfect moment to pair with an all white watch to match, whether it be a casual or formal event, we have the perfect selection for you! A first great mention is the Zenith Defy Classic in white ceramic. This watch is certainly a show stopper and is bound to make a statement in any room. It has a matt white ceramic casing and is paired with a white rubber band, as well as having a skeleton-like dial – hence the name. The watch is light to wear on the wrist and is remarkably scratch resistant. This high end watch is perfect for a laid back casual look!
Rolex Watches
(Image Credit Rolex)

The Rolex Explorer II is another honourable mention of a great accessory to wear for any Labour day event. Given that Rolex is one of the most recognisable watch brands of the century and has elevated itself in the watch industry due to its exclusivity, it was intended for a much more niche audience. The Rolex Submariner was made with divers in mind, the GMT-Master for pilots, and the Explorer II for adventurers who explored caves! With that in mind your Rolex will be able to sustain a dive into a pool or a Splash in the sea this Labour day. The current Explorer II that’s on the market is currently available with a Black or White dial but we recommend the white to stay on theme with upcoming events. Plus the white stands out more attractively!
Omega Watches
(Image Credit Omega)

The last contender is the Omega Speedmaster: White Side of the Moon, this watch is undoubtedly a classic that has remained timeless over the years. This is Omega’s take on the classic moon watch. The majority of the watch is made from white ceramic! Unlike the Zenith, the case isn’t the only thing made from white ceramic but the Pushers, crown and the dial are all made from the same material, which rightfully so makes this watch the centre of attention anywhere. This all white watch makes it a perfect summer accessory as it is bright and light!

We here at Rapport hope you enjoy your Labor day festivities!